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  • Ron White

    Ron White

    The Texas comedian who makes the Blue Collar Comedy phenomenon actually funny.

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  • Pirates of Kiev

    Pirates of Kiev

    An assignment for Wired magazine ends up in Kiev, Ukraine, world’s hotbed for CD piracy. This version includes a visit to the Chernobyl Museum.

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  • Beatles Festival in Liverpool

    Beatles Festival in Liverpool

    Aboard the “Magical Mystery Tour” bus filled with Beatles fanatics, en route from London to Liverpool.

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  • Boom Cars

    Boom Cars

    Anational circuit of car-stereo competitions determines which car has the loudest sound system. “The Beast,” a modified 175-decibel Ford Bronco owned by a grandmotherly schoolteacher from Phoenix, prepares to regain the title of World’s Loudest Car. Includes a “bassing” cruise through West Palm Beach, setting […]

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  • Church of John Coltrane

    Church of John Coltrane

    ASan Francisco landlord evicts the world’s only church devoted to John Coltrane. This story investigates the dispute and details a history of the organization. After this story was published, I produced a jazz benefit at Bimbo’s nightclub in San Francisco, and we raised over $8,000 […]

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  • The Kerouac Obsession

    The Kerouac Obsession

    The estate of Beat writer Jack Kerouac was very messy in the late 1990s. The trail led from San Francisco to Kerouac’s hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts. Guest appearance by Johnny Depp.

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  • Coyle & Sharpe Audio Pranksters

    Coyle & Sharpe Audio Pranksters

    In the early 1960s, two young men dressed up in suits and took a tape recorder around San Francisco, pulling weird pranks on unsuspecting pedestrians and shop owners. After 30 years, the recordings are finally available on CD.

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  • Ice Golfing in Greenland

    Ice Golfing in Greenland

    The treacheries of the world ice golf championships, held on the frozen waters of western Greenland.

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  • The Wine of Mass Destruction

    The Wine of Mass Destruction

    A unique home-made product from California’s wine country. And unlike the WMD in Iraq, the Wine of Mass Destruction actually exists.

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  • The Sumo Wrestler has the Flu

    The Sumo Wrestler has the Flu

    “Riding black” in Prague, waiting for Sumo and dreaming of defenestration. Outtakes from “Sumo in Prague.”

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