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  • Dengue Fever and Cambodian Rocks

    The amazing true story of how a tourist bumming around Cambodia in the mid-1990s, inadvertently launched the careers of many musicians, including the Cambodian/American hybrid Dengue Fever.

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  • Whole in One

    Whole in One

    Playing nine holes of golf with the mystival Shivas Irons Society, who spice up the game with meditation, classical music, and alternative methods of keeping score. Originally published in San Francisco magazine

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  • America’s Coprophagia

    America’s Coprophagia

    The eerie similarity between my dog’s coprophagia and American foreign policy. First performed at San Francisco’s Progressive Reading Series, on a bill with Jane Smiley and Jonathan Franzen. A more family-friendly version was later published in Bark magazine.

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  • Ireland’s Most Eccentric Castle

    Ireland’s Most Eccentric Castle

    Winston Churchill’s baby clothes. A 10-foot-tall toilet. UFO abductions. They’re all part of Ireland’s most eccentric castle.

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  • The Man in the Can

    The Man in the Can

    Being chased by a bull is Martin Kiff’s job. And yeah, there’s an art to it. But the bigger question is, how does Martin Kiff fit 26 rodeo clowns into one truck?

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  • Visiting a Glacier — Before They’re All Gone

    Visiting a Glacier — Before They’re All Gone

    The Melting Point Whether or not you believe in global warming, the fact remains that a vast majority of the world’s glaciers are shrinking.

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  • Live From Abbey Road

    Live From Abbey Road

    An exclusive inside look at London’s legendary Abbey Road, recording studio for Sir Edward Elgar, Glenn Miller, Beyond the Fringe, Pink Floyd, and some group called The Beatles. The music television show, Live From Abbey Road, was taped at the studio and premiered June 2007 […]

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  • American Jazz in Paris

    American Jazz in Paris

    America may be the birthplace of jazz — and of such legends as Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and Louis Armstrong — but it’s the Parisian radio station TSF that’s keeping the passion for it alive.

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  • The World Record-Breaking Capital

    The World Record-Breaking Capital

    The strongest hair! The youngest sumo wrestler! The longest pencil! In Malaysia, making your mark – any mark – is a matter of national pride.

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  • History’s Unsolved Heists

    History’s Unsolved Heists

    A short compendium of stolen loot, stashed about the globe and waiting to be discovered.

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